Calheta is a town on the west side of Madeira, famous for its warm climate, exotic vegetation, lakes, waterfalls, deep valleys and mountains and also home for some of the best walking trails and Levada walks in Madeira. The origin of the areas name is related to the toponymy of Calheta, which means "small bay”in Portuguese. Originally there was a small bay or cove in that location, which already had this name, but the area of the settlement was the off-port for sugar and collection of wood. Calheta was founded in 1430; the parish, of the same name (which is the central part of the municipality) is one of the oldest parishes on the island of Madeira, and one of the first to be explored by the early settlers.

Calheta beach is one of the two white sand beaches in Madeira Island. Next to the beach there is a small marina with few restaurants and offering tours. With a well developed tourism infrastructure, Calheta is ideal for those looking for less crowded tourism locations. The whole area is know for its amazing sunsets.


Vereda do Cascorro nº 12
9370-051 Arco da Calheta
Madeira - Portugal

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